Annual PGDipLIS prizegiving held online

10 Feb 2021 - 08:30

Because of the ongoing restrictions on gatherings due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Department of Knowledge & Information Stewardship held its annual prizegiving ceremony for its Postgraduate Diploma in Library & Information Studies (PGDipLIS) class online this year. The event was hosted on MS Teams, with representatives from the Manel Trust and the UCT Careers Service attending along with PGDipLIS students and DKIS staff.

As in previous years, the department awarded three official prizes, as well as certificates of achievement. In addition to these prizes, Righardt le Roux, representing the MaNel Trust, announced the winners of the Library Leadership essay (an assignment for the course Resource Planning & Use). Lastly, Ingrid van der Merwe of the UCT Careers Service awarded certificates to students who had completed the Personal and Professional Development Programme (PPDP).

We congratulate all prize winners (listed below) and wish the entire PGDipLIS class of 2020 all the best for the remainder of the year and for the future.

Prize winners:

Award for Best Academic Performance: Robyn Alexander and Auliya Badrudeen

Certificates of Excellence: Engela Britz, Kaela De Lillie and Stanley Jonck

Award for Dedication and Perseverance: Jamie Hendricks

Certificates of Acknowledgement (Consistent Effort and Diligence): Fatima Adonis, Lawulani Gaba and Freda van Breda       

Award for Student Leadership: Kaela De Lillie

MaNel Trust Award for the Library Leadership essay: Auliya Badrudeen and Lawulani Gaba