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Professor Jaya Raju

Jaya RajuJaya Raju is Professor and Head of the Department of Knowledge and Information Stewardship, Humanities Faculty, University of Cape Town. She holds a PhD in Information Studies from the former University of Natal (now University of KwaZulu-Natal).

Her area of research is Library and/or Information Science (LIS) education and its epistemological implications for the discipline as well as for professional practice, particularly in the African developing context.

Her current research focus is the development of research-based LIS competency indexes which may be used i) to ascertain existing knowledge and skills in professional sites of practice and to identify areas for further knowledge and skills acquisition; and, ii) by LIS educators and researchers for curriculum review and renewal – with both instances of research heuristically contributing to ongoing critical epistemology on the evolution of the LIS discipline in a highly digitised and rapidly evolving global information environment.

She was Editor-in-Chief of the South African Journal of Libraries and Information Science from 2012 to 2018; serves on the Editorial Advisory Boards of the African Journal of Libraries, Archives and Information Science; International Journal of Information, Diversity & Inclusion; Open Information Science; Libri: International Journal of Libraries and Information Studies; African Journal of Communication & Information Science; Information Research; Journal of Librarianship & Information Science; is inaugural co-editor of the ALISE (Association for Library and Information Science Education) Book Series on LIS education and research; and, is co-editor of the International Insights Column of College & Research Libraries News.

She has published in peer-reviewed national and international journals and has also presented papers at local, national and international meetings. Jaya Raju is currently Co-Chair of IFLA’s Building Strong LIS Education (BSLISE), an active global network of LIS educators and researchers. She is an NRF (South African National Research Foundation) rated researcher. Since 2018 she has been Subject Chair for Library and Information Science and multi-disciplinary journals on the Scopus Content Selection & Advisory Board – an international group of scientists and researchers representing major scientific disciplines and tasked with evaluating journals applying for inclusion on the Scopus indexing list.

Her publications include:

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